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Take the help of this free Quarter Mile Calculator to find the vehicle quarter-mile ET and speed easily. Just type your elapsed time, speed in the input boxes and hit on the calculate button to check the result within no time.

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Step by Step Process to Calculate Quarter Mile ET, Speed

By following the below points, you can easily find the quarter-mile elapsed time and quarter-mile speed.

  • Find the weight and power mentioned in the question.
  • Divide weight by power and apply 1/3 power of the result.
  • Multiply the result by 6.29 to get Huntington's quarter-mile ET.
  • Multiply the result in step 2 by 224 to get Huntington's quarter-mile speed.
  • Find the product of result in step 2 by 6.269 to check Fox's quarter-mile ET
  • Find the product of result in step 2 by 230 to check Fox's quarter-mile speed
  • Multiply the result in step 2 by 5.825 to find Hale's quarter-mile ET.
  • Multiply the result in step 2 by 234 to find Hale's quarter-mile speed.

Quarter Mile Formulas

The quarter-mile is one of the performance estimators of a vehicle. Quarter-mile is also called 1/4 Mile. It calculates quarter-mile ET and final speed using the power and weight of the vehicle. We have three different types to measure vehicle performance. Those are Huntington's quarter-mile, Fox's quarter-mile, Hale's quarter-mile. The formulas to calculate the quarter-mile ET and final speed are here.

Huntington's quarter-mile ET = 6.290 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

Huntington's quarter-mile speed = 224 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

Fox's quarter-mile ET = 6.269 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

Fox's quarter-mile speed = 230 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

Hale's quarter-mile ET = 5.825 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

Hale's quarter-mile speed = 234 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³


ET is the elapsed time over a quarter-mile distance

weight is the total weight of the vehicle

power is the peak engine power at the clutch


Question: A car that weighs 6100 kgs run on a quarter-mile track has wheel horse power as 300. Calculate 1/4 mile ET, final speed.


Given that

Weight of car = 6100 kgs

power = 300

Quarter-mile ET = 6.290 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

= 6.290 * (6100/300)¹ᐟ³

= 6.290 * (20.033)¹ᐟ³

= 6.290 * 2.729

= 17.16

Quarter-mile final speed = 224 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³

= 224 * (6100/300)¹ᐟ³

= 224 * 2.729

= 611.29

Therefore, 1/4 mile ET is 17.16, 1/4 final speed is 611.29.

FAQ's on 1/4 Mile ET and Speed Calculator

1. How to use 1/4 mile calculator?

A quarter-mile calculator is used to compute the drag race of a vehicle. Enter the vehicle weight and power in the input fields of the online calculator and press on the calculate to check the vehicle speed and ET.

2. Calculate the quarter-mile elapsed time of a vehicle that weighs 3500 kgs with a wheel horsepower of 290.

Initial velocity means the velocity of an object before it has 1/4 mile or quarter-mile is a drag race or a motorcycle race that compete to come first to cross the finish line from the starting. ET is the elapsed time is the time taken to complete the race.

3. What is 1/4 mile ET mean?

Quarter mile ET = 5.825 x (3500/290)¹ᐟ³

= 5.825 x (12.068)¹ᐟ³

= 5.825 x 2.29

= 13.36

4. Which website provides the best tool to calculate quarter-mile ET, quarter-mile speed?

Physicscalc.Com is a trusted website that offers a handy online calculator tool for finding the 1/4 ET, speed of vehicle. These free calculators make your calculations easier and faster.