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RC Circuit Calculator is an online tool that takes capacitance and resistance in the circuit and gives the characteristic frequency easily. Simply enter the input details and press the calculate button to find the result as soon as possible.

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Resistor-Capacitor Circuit Calculator: Finding the characteristic frequency of the RC circuit and need any help? Look no further and utilise our handy RC Circuit Calculator and calculate the frequency quickly. You just have to provide capacitance and resistance to get the frequency. Read on to know more about Resistor-Capacitor Circuit, formula, detailed process on how to calculate characteristic frequency. In addition to this, you will also get the solved example questions on RC-Circuit.

How to find Frequency?

Below mentioned are the simple steps to find the characteristic frequency in RC Circuit. Follow these guiding principles and get the result for your numbers in a less amount of time.

  • Obtain resistance, capacitance.
  • Multiply resistance and capacitance.
  • Again multiply the product with 2π.
  • Get the reciprocal of product to check the characteristic frequency.

RC Circuit and its Formula

RC circuit is the combination of Resistor and Capacitor. It is an electrical circuit where resistor of resistance is connected in series with the capacitor of capacitance.

The characteristic frequenct has two applications. They are RC Circuit is used as filter and capacitor charge time.

The formula to get the characteristic frequency of the RC Circuit is follows:

f = 1/(2π * R * C)


R is the resistance of the resistor

C is the capacitance of the capacitor

f is the characteristic frequency

The capacitor charge time formula is t = R x C


Question: The capacitance and resistance in the RC Circuit are 52 Ω, 25 F. Find the characteristic frequency?


Given that

Resistance R = 52Ω

Capacitance C = 25 F

characteristic Frequency f = 1/(2π * R * C)

f = 1/(2π * 52 * 25)

= 12.2 x 10-8

Therefore, characteristic frequency in RC Circuit is 1.2 x 10-8 Hz.

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FAQs on Resistor-Capacitor Circuit

1. What is the formula to compute the characteristic frequency of the RC circuit?

The formula to calculate the characteristic frequency of the RC circuit is f = 1/(2π * R * C).

2. Define RC circuit?

The combination of resistance and capacitance is called the RC circuit. The capacitor which stores energy and the resistor are connected in series to control the charging and discharging of the capacitor.

3. How to calculate RC Constant?

The product of resistance and capacitance is RC Constant. The formula to find the RC time constant is t = R x C. Where Resistance R is in ohms and Capacitance is in farads.

4. What are the applications of Resistor-Capacitor Circuit?

RC circuits are used in the following.

  • Used in traffic lights, pacemaker
  • It can be used in places where signal filtering is required
  • Used in audio equipment
  • Used as integrator or differentiator.

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