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Make use of the Redshift Calculator to find the redshift parameter easily. Just you need to enter emitted light wavelength, observed light wavelength details and press the calculate button to get the accurate redshift parameter value along with the detailed explanation.

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Redshift Calculator: Do you want to calculte the redshift parameter without doing lengthy calculations? Then take the help of our handy calculator as it gives the exact answer. Get to know about the what is a redshift, redshift formula and solved questions from the below-mentioned sections. Want to learn more about the redshift then go ahead and explore it.

How to Find Redshift Parameter?

Check out the simple steps to calculate the redshift parameter in the following sections.

  • Get the emitted light wavelength, observed light wavelength.
  • Subtract the emitted lighr wavelength from the observed light wavelength.
  • Divide the result by emitted light wavelength to check the redshift parameter.

Redshift Definition

Redshift is an important concept for astronomers. It is defined as the wavelength of light is stretched, then it is seen as shifted towards the red part of the spectrum.

In physics, redshift is an increase in wavelength or decrease in frequency and photon energy of electromagnetic radiation. The reasons that cause redshift is the relativistic doppler effect, gravitational effect and expansion of the universe.

The formula of redshift is as mentioned:

z = (λo - λe)/λe = (fe - fo)/fo


z is the redshift parameter

λe, fe are the wavelength and frequency of emitted light

λo, fo is the wavelength and frequency of the observed light


Question: If the emitted and observed lights wavelengths are 150 nm, 120 nm, find the redshift parameter?


Given that,

Emitted light wavelength λe = 150 nm

Observed light wavelength λo = 120 nm

Emitted light frequency fe = c/λe

= 299,792,458/150

= 1998.6 THzObserved light frequency fo = c/λe

= 299,762,458/120

= 2498.3 THz

Redshift parameter z = (fe - fo)/fo

= (1998.6 - 2498.3)/2498

= -0.2

Therefore, the redshift parameter is -0.2.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Redshift Calculator

1. How is redshift calculated?

The redshift parameter can be calculated by substituting the values in z = (λo - λe)/λe = (fe - fo)/fo formula and solving it.

2. What is the redshift?

Redshift is a key concept for astronomers. It is a phenomenon where the spectral lines of electromagnetic radiation from stars are shifted towards lower frequencies and longer wavelengths.

3. What does a redshift of 1 mean?

The redshift parameter 1 means the wavelength is twice as long as the source.

4. What is the difference between blueshift and red shift?

When an observer looking at an object that is moving away from them can see that has a longer wavelength than it has when it was emitted called the redshift. If the observer is looking at an approaching source see the light that is shifted to a shorter wavelength is called the blueshift.

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