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Resonant Frequency Calculator

Take the help of this easy to operate Resonant Frequency Calculator tool to get the resonant frequency for the LC Circuit. You can obtain the result easily by giving the capacitance, inductance values in the specified input fields of the calculator and hit the calculate button.

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Resonant Frequency Calculator: Do you want assistance to check the resonant frequency for the Inductor Capacitor Circuit? Then we are here to help you out in solving various resonant frequency problems. Check out the free tool that computes the frequency within no time. Refer to the following sections to get the detailed steps to calculate the resonant frequency manually. Also, find the solved examples and formulas to get a clear idea of the topic.

Steps to Compute Resonant Frequency

Go through the below provided steps to get the resonant frequency for the LC Circuit easily.

  • Get the inductance, capacitance of the LC Circuit.
  • Multiply both inductance and capacitance.
  • Apply the square root to the product.
  • Again multiply the result with 2π.
  • Find the reciprocal of the obtained product to check the resonant frequency

What is Resonant Frequency?

The resonant frequency is the frequency observed in the LC circuit. It is a natural frequency of the system. The resonant frequency is defined as the frequency where the transfer function reaches its maximum value. The different types of resonances are electrical, optical, mechanical, orbital, and molecular. The formula to calculate the resonant frequency is as follows: f = 1/[2π * √(L * C)]


f is the Resonant Frequency

L is the Inductance

C is the Capacitance


Question: Determine the resonant frequency of an LC Circuit that has an inductor of 5 mH and capacitor of 4 µF.


Given that

Inductance L = 5 mH = 5 x 10-3

Capacitance C = 4 µF = 4 x 10-6

Resonant frequency is f = 1/[2π * √(L * C)]

f = 1/[2π * √(5 x 10-3 * 4 x 10-6)]

f = 1/[2π * 4.47 x 10-3

f = 0.0011254 MHz

Therefore, the resonant frequency is 0.0011254 MHz.

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FAQs on Resonant Frequency Calculator

1. What is a Resonant Frequency?

The resonant frequency is the frequency of a circuit under the resonant. LC circuit is also called the resonant circuit or tank circuit.

2. How to calculate resonant frequency?

Enter capacitance, inductance values from the LC Circuit in the input fields of the resonant frequency calculator and tap on the calculate button to check the resonant frequency value in a fraction of seconds.

3. What is the formula for resonant frequency?

The formula to get the resonant frequency of the LC circuit is f = 1/[2π * √(L * C)]. Here f is the resonant frequency, L is the inductance and C is the capacitance.

4. What is an LC circuit?

LC circuit is also called a tank circuit or resonant circuit having two elements resistor and inductor. Those two elements are connected either in series or parallel. It is an idealized RLC circuit of zero resistance.

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