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Make use of the online RLC Circuit Calculator to calculate the characteristic frequency and Q-factor of an RLC Circuit. You have to provide capacitance of the capacitor, the inductance of inductor and resistance of a resistor in the input fields and click on the calculate button to get the accurate results with a detailed step by step explanation within seconds.

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How to Get Characteristic Frequency of an RLC Circuit?

Check out the steps to calculate the Q-factor, resonant frequency of any RLC Circuit easily. Dollow these guiding principles to otain the output.

  • Find the square root of product of inductance and capacitance.
  • Multiply the value by 2π.
  • Get the reciprocal of the result to check the characteristic frequency.
  • Divide inductance by capacitance and apply square root to it.
  • Multiply the result by reciprocal of resistance to get the Q-factor value.

What is RLC Circuit?

RLC circuit is an electrical circuit or device having three elements resistance, inductance and capacitance. All these elements are connected in series or parallel.

The most used applications of RLC circuits are in turning circuits for analog radios, in filters and in oscillators circuits to convert DC signals to AC signals.

The formula to compute the resonant frequency of an RLC circuit is here:

f = 1/[2π * √(L * C)]

The second characteristic number of the RLC circuit is Q-factor. Its formula is

Q = 1/R * √(L/C)


R is the resistance

L is the inductance

C is the capacitance

f is the resonant frequency

Q is the Q-factor

Question: A series RLC circuit is having resistance 15 Ω, inductance 20 H and capacitance 50 F. Find the circuit resonant frequency and Q-factor?


Given that

Resistance R = 15 Ω

Capacitance C = 50 F

Inductance L = 20 H

Resonant frequency f = 1/[2π * √(L * C)]

f = 1/[2π * √(20 * 50)]

= 1/[2π * √(1000)]

= 1/(2π * 31.62)

= 1/198.69

= 50.32 x 10-3

Q-factor Q = 1/R * √(L/C)

Q = 1/15 * √(20/50)

Q = 1/15 * √(0.4)

= 1/15 * 0.632

= 0.0421

Therefore, the resonant frequency of RLC Circuit is 50.32 x 10-3 Hz, Q factor is 0.0421.

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FAQ's on RLC Circuit Calculator

1. How to calculate RLC circuit characteristic frequency?

Multiply the inductance, capacitance and apply square root to the product. Again multiply the result with 2π. The reciprocal of the result is called the frequency in RLC Circuit. The formula is frequency f = 1/[2π * √(L * C)]

2. What are the applications of the RLC Circuit?

Resistor Indictor Capacitor Circuits are used in many applications having low and high-frequency signals. These are used for describing parasitics behaviour, PDN impedance, impedance matching networks and other practical circuits.

3. How to find the Q-factor of the RLC Circuit?

The formula to get the Q-factor in the RLC circuit is Q = 1/R x √(L/C)

4. Is there any difference between RLC and LCR Circuit?

There is no difference between the RLC circuit and the LCR circuit except the order of representation of symbol in the circuit diagram.

5. What is an RLC Circuit?

RLC circuit is a fundamental electrical circuit that has a resistor, inductor and capacitor connected in parallel or series.