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Free & handy Specific Gravity Calculator solves the specific gravity of an material in split seconds along with the step by step solution guide. All you need to do is give the input as material density, water density in the below boxes and press on the calculate button.

Ex: 23, 456, 2e4 ,1.23,4.5

Material Density

Step by Step Procedure to Solve Specific Gravity

Below presented are the simple & easy steps to compute the material specific gravity. Follow these guidelines and get the output in less amount of time.

  • Let us take the any material density and density of water.
  • Specific Gravity is defined as the ratio of material density and water density.
  • Change the given numbers into same units.
  • Solve the fraction value to get the answer.


Question: The density of gasoline is 721 kilograms per cubic meter. What is its specific gravity?


Given that

Density of gasoline = 721 kg/m^3

Specific gravity is the density of a material divided by the density of water at 4°C

Therefore, density of water = 1000 kg/m^3

Specific gravity = Density of gasoline / density of water

= 721 / 1000

= 0.721

Specific gravity of gasoline = 0.721

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FAQs on Specific Gravity Calculator

1. What are the units for specific gravity?

The SI unit of density is kg/m^3. Specific gravity is the ratio of a material density with that of water at 4°C ( which is 999.974 kg/m^3). Therefore, specific gravity has no units.

2. What is the difference between density and specific gravity?

Density is the mass of an object per unit volume. Specific gravity is the ratio of an object weight to the weight of same volume of water. Density is used in many domestic and commercial applications. Where as specific gravity is used in industries to measure the concentration of solutions.

3. What is specific gravity and its formula?

Specific gravity is a measure of the density of an material with respect to the water density. It is the ratio of density of an substance and water density. Specific gravity is also known as relative density. The specific gravity formula is given as

Specific gravity = Density of the substance / Density of water.

4. How does temperature affect specific gravity?

The differences in intermolecular interactions, the density of substance can change at different rates compared to the density of water, that's why the specific gravity also changes with changing pressure and temperature.

5. A liquid has a mass of 36 grams and the volume of the water (reference material) is 3 mL. Find the specific gravity of the object? Also, specify if the object will sink or float in the water? Besides, the density of the water is 1 g/mL.

Density of object = mass / volume

= 36 / 3 = 12 g/mL

Specific gravity = density of object / water density

= 12 / 1

= 12