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Speeds and Feeds Calculator is a handy calculator that evaluates the speed and feed rate in a fraction of seconds. The tool is designed to support all kinds of machine operations and you just need to provide inputs and enter the calculate button to get instant outputs.

Machine Tool Operations

All Machine Tool Operations include a cutting tool and work piece. For suppose if you are drilling a wood piece then wood is the work piece. Get acquainted with various kinds of hole operations in the below modules. They are as follows

  • Drilling - It is the process of making a hole in the work piece.
  • Reaming - This process enlarges a slightly made hole and leaves smooth sides.
  • Boring - Expands existing hole by cutting the sides.
  • Counterboring - This process enlarges the top part of the existing hole.
  • End Milling - It creates an extended cavity in the workpiece such as slot, complex surface countour.
  • Face Milling - This process is used for creating a smoother finish of a flat surface of a workpiece.
  • Slab/Side Milling - It is used for creating large, broad surfaces that are right angles to the tools axis of rotation.

It also supports turning operation in which the cutting tool is stationary and workpiece is in rotation. This kind of operation is employed in lathe machine for creating symmetric circular manufactured items.

Speeds and Feeds Formula

Speeds: Speeds is nothing but the rotational speed of the tool or workpiece. There exists recommended cutting or surface speeds and you can find them out using the formulas as such

RPM = (12 * surface speed) / (π * tool/workpiece diameter)

In which surface speed is the speed at which tool travels relatives to the workpiece. Its units are feet per minute.

tool/workpiece diameter is nothing but the diameter of rotating element and is measured in Inches

In case of a metric system the surface speed is in m/sec and diameter is in millimeters then the equation for finding speed is as under

RPM = (60 * 1000 * surface speed) / (π * tool/workpiece diameter)

By referring to the equation above you can find π * tool/workpiece diameter is the circumference of a circle. Thus, we are dividing the speed at circumference with distance traveled during one rotation to obtain the rotation per sminute(rpm).

Feeds: Feeds is nothing but the feed rate i.e. relative linear speed between tool and workpiece.

Feed Rate = RPM * chip load * number of teeth

Where RPM is the speed of rotating element

chip load is the amount of workpiece material removed per revolution per cutting edge

Number of Teeth is number of cutting edges of the tool also known as number of flutes

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FAQs on Speeds and Feeds Calculator

1. What is Speeds and Feeds Formula?

Speeds and Feeds Formula is given by RPM = (12 * surface speed) / (π * tool/workpiece diameter) and Feed Rate = RPM * chip load * number of teeth.

2. What does cutting speed depend on?

Cutting Speed majorly depends on the kind of material your are cutting and the tool you are using.

3. How to use the Speeds and Feeds Calculator?

All you have to do is simply choose the mode and operation of machine and provide the inouts accordingly to find out the speed and feed rate using Speeds and Feeds Calculator.