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We can assure that you can easily find the uniform acceleration of an object by taking the help of this free Uniformly Accelerated Motion Calculator tool. Just provide initial velocity, final velocity and travelled distance of the moving object in the given input fields and press on the calculate button to get the output as acceleration and time immediately.

Ex: 10, 167, 48, 34.5 or 90

Initial velocity (u)
Final Velocity (v)
Displacement (s)

Steps to Find Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Below given are the easy and simple steps that are useful for you while solving the uniform acceleration motion questions. Follow these guidelines to obtain the result without any issues.

  • Observe initial velocity, final velocity and travelled distance of the object from the given problem.
  • Double the distance and add initial, final velocities.
  • Divide the double distance by sum of velocities to get the time value.
  • Subtract the final velocity of object from its initial velocity and divide the obtained value by time.
  • Then, the resultant is called uniform acceleration.

Uniformly Accelerated Motion Formulas

Uniform acceleration is the constant acceleration of a body irrespective of the time. Where as acceleration is the rate of change of velocity. The formulas to find the uniform acceleration motion are given below:

s = ½ (v + u) t

v = u + at

v² = u² + 2as

From the first formula, we can write

t = (2s) / (v + u)

From the third formula, acceleration is

a = (v - u) / t


u is the initial velocity

v is the final velocity

a is the acceleration of an object

t is the time

s is the distance travelled by an object


Question: How long does it take an airplane to take off if it needs to reach a speed on the ground of 350 km/h over a distance of 600 meters (assume the plane starts from rest) and What is the acceleration of the airplane over the 600 meters?


Given that,

Final velocity v = 350 km/h

Distance s = 600 meters = 0.6 km

Let us take initial velocity u = 0

We know that,

s = ½ (v + u) t

Substitute the given values in the above formula

0.6 = ½ (350 + 0) * t

0.6 = ½ * 350 * t

t = 1.2 / 350

= 0.0034 hours

= 0.0034 * 60 * 60 = 12.34 seconds

The acceleration of the place a = (v - u) / t

Put the values in the formula

a = (350 - 0) / 12.34

Convert 350 km/hr into m/s

350 km/hr = (350 * 1000) / (3600) = 97.2 m/s

a = (97.2 - 0) / 12.34

= 97.2 / 12.34

= 7.876

∴ The time taken by airplane to reach a speed of 350 km/hr over 600 meters is 12.34 seconds and acceleration of the airplane is 7.876 m/s².

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FAQs on Uniformly Accelerated Motion Calculator

1. What is uniform acceleration motion?

Acceleration means rate of change of an object velocity with time. Uniform acceleration means an the acceleration of an object remains constant with irrespective of time. It is equal to the acceleration in such a motion of the object does not change with time.

2. What are the formula of uniformly accelerated motion?

The formula to find the time and acceleration of an uniformly accelerated body are mentioned here.

time t = (2s) / (v + u)

acceleration a = (v - u) / t


3. What is the example of uniform acceleration motion?

Projectile motion is the best example in a plane with uniform acceleration. In the projectile motion, the only acceleration acting on the projectile is the acceleration due to gravity (g).

4. How to use Uniformly Accelerated Motion Calculator?

Students have to enter initial velocity, final velocity and distance in the input fields of the calculator. Then press on the calculate button to obtain the accurate time and uniform acceleration of the object in a short span of time.