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Using this free Weight on Other Planets Calculator, you can find how you would weigh on other planets in the solar system easily. Simply, you have to give your weight on earth in the input field and hit the calculate button to check the weight on all other planets in a fraction of seconds.

How to Find Weight on Other Planets?

Have a look at the simple step by step procedure to calculate your weight or an object weight on other planets. Make use of these guiding rules to chek the output for your numbers in a short span of time.

  • Take the person weight on the Earth.
  • Get the surface gravity of other planets.
  • Multiply the surface gravity with the actual weight on the Earth to obtain the weigh on other planets.

Relationship Between Gravity and Mass and Distance

We have already stated that the weight of a person on other planets depends on the surface gravity of the planet.

Newton's gravitational law describes the gravitational force of each planet. Its equation is

F = GMm/r2


F is the gravitational force

G is the gravitational constant

M is the planet mass

m is the person mass

r is the planet radius

The formula to find the person weight on other planets is Weight = Mass x Surface gravity

The surface gravity of all planets in the solar system are given here:

Planet Surface Gravity
Mercury 0.38
Venus 0.91
Earth 1.0
Mars 0.38
Jupiter 2.34
Saturn 0.93
Uranus 0.92
Neptune 1.12
Moon 0.167


Question: If a person weighs 60 kgs on the Earth, find his weight on other planets?


Given that

Weight of the person on earth = 60 kgs

Weight on other planets is Weight = Mass x Surface gravity

Weight on Venus = 60 x 0.91 = 54.6 kgs

Weight on Mercury = 60 x 0.38 = 22.8 kgs

Weight on Mars = 60 x 0.38 = 22.8 kgs

Weight on Jupitar = 60 x 2.34 = 140.4 kgs

Weight on Moon = 60 x 0.167 = 10.2 kgs

Weight on Saturn = 60 x 0.93 = 55.8 kgs

Weight on Neptune = 60 x 1.12 = 67.2 kgs

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FAQ's on Weight on Other Planets Calculator

1. Do you weigh more on other planets?

The person weight on other planets is based on the planet gravity. So, you will weigh more on Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

2. How to calculate the weight on other planets?

The simple technique to calculate the weight on other planets is by multiplying the object weight with the relative surface gravity of the respective planet.

3. What is the heaviest planet?

In the solar system, Jupiter is the heaviest planet as it has the highest surface gravity.

4. How much would a person of 75 kg weigh on Moon?

The weight of the person on earth = 75 kg

The surface gravity of the moon = 0.167

So, the weight of person on moon = 75 x 0.167 = 12.525 kg.