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Students can calculate the power of a particular device easily with the help of our free Work and Power Calculator. You just need to enter the work done by an object, the time taken to complete the work in the calculator's input sections, and press the calculate button to check the power in a short span of time.


Steps to Calculate Power

The following are the simple and easy steps that are useful to compute the mechanical power of an object. Follow these steps and get the result.

  • Get the work and time in which work is done values from the question.
  • Divide the work done by time.
  • The result is the power.

Power and work Formulas

In simple words, work is defined as the amount of energy required to change the position of the object.

Power can be defined as the rate of doing work. It can also be satted as the work done per unit time. The SI unit of power is Watt (W).

Work W = force * displacement

Power P = W/T


W is the work done

T is the time

P is the power


Question: An electric machine makes use of 500 J of energy to do work in 25 sec. How much does it use?


Given that

Work done W = 500 J

Time T = 25 sec

The power formula is

Power = Work/Time

P = 500/25

= 20

Therefore, the eletric machine uses 20 Watt power.

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FAQ's on Power and Work Calculator

1. Define power with an example?

The ability to do work is called the energy. The energy spent to do work in unit time is called the power. Its formula is Power P = Energy or Work done/Time. The example of power is energy required to rum five miles in 15 seconds.

2. How to Calculate work energy and power?

Work energy can be calculated by multiplying the force and displacement or distance. Power is the product of force and velocity or division of work and time.

3. What is the formula for calculating the work?

The formula to calculate work is w = force x displacement. Other formula is Work w = (mass/2) * ( (m/2) * (finalvelocity² - initialvelocity²).

4. How to calculate power of a device on a calculator?

The steps to get the power using a calculator are provided-below.

  • Enter the required inputs such as work and time.
  • Press the calculate button.
  • Chek the power at the output section.

5. What are the differences between work and power?

Work is a scalar quantity and its equation is force * displacement. Power is a quantity and its euation is Work/Time. The units of work are Joule, eV. kWh, GWH and the power units are Watt, kW, MW and GW.