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Find Parallel Plate Capacitance in one go using the Capacitance Calculator over here and get step by step explanation. All you need to do is type in the necessary input values in the allotted fields of the tool and hit the calculate button to determine unknown parameter in the Capacitance Equation.

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What is Meant by Capacitance?

Capacity is defined as the ability of an object to store the electric charge. However, the ability depends on the capacitor's geometry as well as the dielectric material we choose between the plates and is independent of potential difference, charge stored on plates. In other words, we can define capacitance as the ratio of change in electric charge in a system to the corresponding change in its electric potential. SI Unit of Capacitance is Farads and symbol of it is "F".

Parallel Plate Capacitance Equation

To determine the capacitance of Parallel Plates you can simply use the formula C = εA/s

  • Where C is the Capacitance and is expressed in units Farads
  • ε is the dielectric Permitivity and is given in Farads Per Meter
  • A is the area where the Plates Overlap
  • s is the distance of seperation between two plates

Usually, Permitivity depends on the dielectric material we use. In case of Vacuum the Permitivity is 8.854 pF/m.

How to find the Parallel Plate Capacitance?

Follow the simple steps provided below to determine the Parallel Plate Capacitance easily. They are in the below way

  • Initially, determine the material you want to use as a dielectric material between two plates.
  • Next step is to find the permitivity of the material you have chosen as dielectric.
  • Later, find out the area of the plates.
  • Measure the distance between the plates and once you get all the values as per capacitance equation place them in the formula i.e. C = εA/s
  • Simplify the equation further and find the Capacitance of Parallel Plates easily.


A parallel plate capacitor is kept in the air has an area of 1.50m² and separated from each other by distance 0.08m. Calculate the parallel plate capacitance?


Given that

Area of Plates A = 1.50m²

Distance between two plates = 0.08m

Relative Permittivity of Air = 1

We know the formula for Capacitance C = εA/s

Substituting the above known values in the equation of capacitance we get C = 1*1.5/0.08 = 18.75F

Therefore, Capacitance acting on Parallel Plates is 18.75 F.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Capacitance Calculator

1. How do you define Capacitance?

Capacitance is defined as the ability of an object to store the electric charge.

2. What is the Capacitance Formula for Parallel Plate Capacitors?

The Formula for Parallel Plate Capacitance is given by C = εA/s

3. What is the SI unit of Capacitance?

The SI Unit of Capacitance is Farads.

4. What is a Parallel Plate Capacitor?

If Two Parallel Plates are connected to a battery the plates get charged and an electric field is produced between them and the set up is called as Parallel Plate Capacitor.