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Our free Watt Calculator is one of the best tools that help to find the power, current, and resistance. Simply you have to provide the required data such as resistance, the voltage in the fields of the calculator and click on the calculate button. At the output section, you can see power and current as soon as possible.

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Steps to Find Watt, Amps

Here are the simple steps to calculate the number of amps in a watt. Follow these guiding principles and obtain the result for your numbers in a fraction of seconds.

  • Get the power and voltage.
  • Divide the power in watts by voltage in volts to get DC amps.
  • Get the power factor times the volts.
  • Divide the power by product to get amps in AC.

Watts to Amps Calculations

Amps and watts are measurements of quantities in the electric circuit. Watt is the measurement of power and amperage is the measurement of the current. The current in amps times the voltage is equal to the voltage.

The three main types of the ampere are DC current, AC single-phase current and AC three-phase current.

The formulas to calculate the amps is along the lines:

  1. DC watts to amps
    • I = P/V
  2. AC single phase watts to amps
    • I = P/(PF x V)
  3. AC three-phase watts to amps
    • I = P/(√3 x PF x V)


I is the current in amps

P is the power in watts

PF is the power factor

V is the voltage in volts


Question: Convert 25 watts having 12 v and 2 power factor to single phase AC amps.


Given that

Power P = 25 w

Voltage V = 12 v

Power factor PF = 2

Current I = P/(PF x V)

I = 25/(2 x 12)

I = 25/24 = 1.04

Therefore, single phase AC amps is 1.04 A.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Watts to Amps Calculator

1. How to convert watts to amps?

To the power in watts to current in amps divide the power by voltage. It means the ratio of watts to volts is ampere.

2. What is the formula to convert AC single phase watts to amps?

The single-phase AC current in amps is equal to the power in watts divided by power factor times the voltage in volts. The formula is I = Power /(Power_factor x Voltage)

3. How to use watts to amps calculator?

The simple steps to use this handy calculator is mentioned here. Firstly, write the power in watts, voltage power factor and select the current type. Press the calculate button to get the result i.e current in amperage.

4. How many watts is 30 amps?

Given that, current I = 30 amps

By using the watts to amps (120V) table.

Power P = I x V = 30 x 120 = 3600 Watts.

Therefore, 3600 watts is 30 amps.